Austin Lumber Company

Austin Lumber Company

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 2415 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

Green Build/ LEED is actively growing in the Austin- Central Texas market. Austin Lumber is on the forefront of offering building products promoting Green Build. When it comes to making the choice – Austin Lumber knows that safety, health, and superior performance are key factors in making that decision. We now offer a full line of products to address these needs to protect our environment and the people that live here. Austin Lumber / Green build page was designed as a tool to fulfill the shared objective of a green build environment.

To address this new industry concept Austin Lumber is an Austin First to offer our customers Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Wood. Assuring our customers that the wood are chosen from forests that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner. This chain-of-custody certification assures that consumers can trust the FSC label and tracked back our supply to FSC-certified sources.

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Austin Lumber Company

2415 E 5th St

Austin, TX 78702