Cobra Studios

Cobra Studios

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 902 Gardner Road, Austin, Texas 78721

 In-town industrial-style warehouse living spaces. Big, clean, modern and affordable. These are tough, 100% concrete masonry and glass, high ceilings, free of interior walls with exposed steel beams and concrete floors. Flexible and stripped down with opposing insulated glass garage doors (big enough to drive a hotrod through), commercial-grade stainless kitchen hardware, a bathroom with dual stainless sinks and a huge walk-in shower. Strong and sustainably constructed. Lean and legit.

The Cobra is located in the heart of the East Austin Studio Tour area, about 3 � miles from the Central Business District. The neighborhood, Govalle/Johnston, was settled by Swedish pioneers who chose the area for the fertile soil and then had to fight like hell to keep it. Today, pioneering spirits are again settling the area, seeking their own soil and freedom of expression. The area has become a hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Sited on 2 lush acres with 4 buildings comprising 24 total condominium units, The Cobra will be situated around a large cluster of existing shade trees. There will be common areas for hanging out and each unit will have a �native planting area� and access to harvested rainwater for gardening. Secured perimeter with coded entry.

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Cobra Studios

902 Gardner Road

Austin, Texas 78721