Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

Community Center - Theater



 1156 Hargrave Street, Austin, TX 78702

A Little History…
Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

Gerrell "GiGi" Jones

Originally named the Central City Entertainment Center, this 55,000 square foot facility opened in June 1999. It has a 154-seat movie theater, a 16-lane bowling alley, video arcade area, a food court, and a 12,500 roller skating rink.
Following a citywide contest, the facility was renamed the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex by Stephanie Pena, an East Austin resident. The Millennium was built on the former site of the Rosewood Shopping Center in East Austin as a safe place for East Austin youth to go. Support for the facility came first from a group of young people, and the Promise Keepers, following death in a drive-by shooting in 1992 of 16-year-old Tamika Ross on an East Austin corner. In addition to serving as a great place for youth to skate, bowl, play video games, or have birthday parties, the Millennium also hosts special events, job fairs, private receptions, and movie festivals.

The Millennium is owned by the City of Austin and managed by SMG World, one of the world’s largest entertainment facility management companies. The Millennium is dedicated to Tamika Ross and Juan Cotera, a fervent peace activist killed in 1996, and to the hope, spirit and promise of peace.

Location Info

Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

1156 Hargrave Street

Austin, TX 78702