Casa de Artistas

Casa de Artistas

Gallery - Studio


 6017 Abilene Trail, Austin, TX 78749


Interested in an awesome space to do your creative best? Four studios plus open public space available to a cross section of artistic, holistic & foodie creative types. Casa de Artistas is the place for your passions to get organized, settle in and build your goals for the new year, have a show/sale and network with some awesome people. Beautiful place just waiting for you!

 Casa de Artistas: Wetegrove home studio & gathering place is an arts retreat in support of personal entrepreneurship & cultural awareness

Casa de Artistas is located in south Austin at 6017 Abilene Trail. For more information and a rental rates sheet, please email request to or call 512.288.4897 … tours by appointment only.

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Casa de Artistas

6017 Abilene Trail

Austin, TX 78749