Satellite Bistro & Bar

Satellite Bistro & Bar

Bar/Tavern - Restaurant/Cafe


 5900 Slaughter Lane #400, Austin, TX 78749

  In 1912, 97 years ago, grandfather George Kamburis sailed the Atlantic ocean from Patmos, Greece to come to America. As the story goes, he landed without much money & made his way down to Montgomery, Alabama. Knowing very little English, he started off pushing an ice cream cart through the streets of Montgomery. He saved enough to buy a fruit stand. Once that was established, he again saved enough to open a café & named it “The Coffee Pot." Unfortnately, after a few years in operation, the Coffee Pot burned down, along with many other buildings in the area, so George had to start all over. He partnered with his brother Antonio, & this time around they decided on a larger restaurant. They renovated a big garage type building on Lee St. & named it "The Normandy Café." They went on to prosper well in that location.

Once both men became much older, they landed in different hospitals at the same time, both unknowing of the other’s condition or whereabouts. One day in the hospital, Pappa George told his son-in-law, Robert Griggs, that he had a bad dream about his brother dying. Unfortunately, George’s dream was true, Antonio died that day. The next day following, Pappa George died as well.

Now you sit in another version, 2 generations later. Two Greek brothers attempting to recreate their grandfather’s vision, an eatery for people to come together & enjoy the fruits of their labor.

So sit back, relax, turn off the cell phone & enjoy the cuisine…

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Satellite Bistro & Bar

5900 Slaughter Lane #400

Austin, TX 78749