Galaxy Dance Studios

Galaxy Dance Studios



 1700 South Lamar Blvd, Ste. 338, Austin, TX 78704

Galaxy Dance Studios was created as a charitable, non-profit corporation with the vision of providing a convenient South Austin location with adequate facilities for individuals and groups to participate in a variety of dance and fitness programs. Galaxy Dance Studio is committed to providing safe movement spaces where members can gather and interact thereby fostering stronger social unity and nurturing community.

We invite you to come dance the Galaxy, where there are "no hard souls"! Join any of our classes, dances or events and see the fun, healthy environment that awaits you! Designed to accomodate a variety of dance and fitness styles, each of our three dance studios features the latest dance flooring, and each space is thoughtfully designed and arranged for movement

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Galaxy Dance Studios

1700 South Lamar Blvd, Ste. 338

Austin, TX 78704