AGE Building

AGE Building




 3710 Cedar, Austin, TX 78705

The Historic AGE Building at 38th and Cedar Street was built in 1907 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy as the “Confederate Woman’s Home.” Now an Austin designated landmark and local treasure, the building was purchased in 1986 and has been renovated into office spaces. At any given time, 20-25 emerging non-profit organizations are in residence. Tenants pay below-market rental rates and share facilities and equipment, to allow them to concentrate more dollars into their programs rather than overhead costs.
The Age Building offers tenants:
Free Parking
Free meeting rooms
Free Dining Room for events or parties
Board Rooms
Free community fax machines, copiers and postage machines
Free advertising for events and programs
Chance to network and work along side other nonprofts
Rental rates of $1.28 per square foot


Location Info

AGE Building

3710 Cedar

Austin, TX 78705