Tiniest Bar in Texas

Tiniest Bar in Texas

Website: http://www.tiniestbarintexas.com

 391 6222

 817 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78703

"There’s nothing TINY about it!" Female, 100 years old, AUSTIN, Texas , USA. It’s right downtown: 817 W 5th Street @ Bowie across the street from Whole Foods downtown. Offering up great drinks, laid back atmosphere, dirt cheap HAPPY HOUR, kick-ass bartenders, lots of easy parking…Guitar Hero…Ooooh we got a WII…Two BIG TV’s showing all kinds of games and whatnot…Happy Hour Mon-Fri, 5-8pm. Sat-Sun, 5-7pm

Monday: Mill Mondays – $2.00 WELLS Tuesday: Trailer Rark Tuesday – $2.00 16oz Miller High Life, PBR, Lonestar
Wednesday: Whiskey Wednesday – $ 2.00 Well Whisky and 3.50 Jameson
Thursday: Thirsty Thursday – $1.50 Lone Star $5.00 pitchers
Friday: Free food and Fireman’s #4 for $3.00
Saturday: $5.00 Jaager Bombs
Sunday: $2.50 Bloody Marys and $3.00 Tophers Tiny Tart

Location Info

Tiniest Bar in Texas

817 W 5th St

Austin, TX 78703