A.C.E.S. Building

A.C.E.S. Building

Website: http://www.aces.utexas.edu



 201 East 24th Street, Austin, TX 78712

The Applied Computational Engineering and Sciences (A.C.E.S.) Building, located on The University of Texas at Austin campus, is a state-of-the-art facility that supports interdisciplinary research and graduate study in computational science and engineering, mathematical modeling, applied mathematics, software engineering and computer visualization.

The A.C.E.S. Building contains seventeen rooms with state-of-the-art presentation, conferencing and webcasting technologies. These facilities serve not only the building occupants but also provide a University resource for meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences as well as special events. With seating capacities ranging from 16 up to 196, the integrated technology (I.T.) within each of these rooms contain a standard set of media sources connected to a large video display and audio system that is operated using a standardized "user-friendly" remote-control system. In addition, five of these rooms include automated camera and microphone systems that provide access to a complete range of videoconferencing technologies as well as webcasting capabilities for live events or event archival.

These facilities are available to any University affiliated entities provided that they require access to A.C.E.S. technologies during their meeting, seminar, lecture, presentation or conference. Note that these rooms are not classrooms and are not scheduled through the University’s Registrar’s Office. To reserve, verify or view the schedule for any A.C.E.S. Building IT Facility, go to A.C.E.S website

Location Info

A.C.E.S. Building

201 East 24th Street

Austin, TX 78712