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CharityBash provides a feasible and fun way to financially give back to Austin. Through this trend of ‘partying for a purpose,’ we hope to influence and inspire ‘giving’ at a younger age, ultimately redefining Austin’s ranking as 48th out of 50. By partnering with established businesses and downtown venues, we are naturally being branded as the ‘it’ monthly party where young people are being inspired to meet new people, give back to the community, and to learn something new.

At each party, we ask for a minimum donation of $10 at the door. One hundred percent of this money goes to the monthly beneficiary. After a successful event, we send updates on how much money was raised at each Bash, how the nonprofit spent the funds, and how young people can get more involved.

Through creating a trusting relationship with the young demographics of Austin, the fear of financially giving back can be solved and our goal of Austin being ranked in the top ten most giving cities can be a vision of the near future. CharityBash will soon be the leader of downtown fundraisers and philanthropy for young Austinites.

The CharityBash Fund is administered by the Austin Community Foundation.