Elementally Functional Family Fitness

Elementally Functional Family Fitness

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Website: https://www.teachingfamilymassage.com


 Leander, TX 78641

Flow-arts based FUNctional movement; kid-oriented and intended for the whole family.

Margarita was a massage therapist for 17 years and flow hobbyist for 15 years, before COVID-19 gave her the opportunity to develop a preventative, intuitive movement practice; that supports our bodies by guiding us to work with the biomechanical design of our human vessels.

As conscious navigators in human space-ships, we get to practice exploring our spheres; and practice adapting to our unique dimensions/proportions, that will change throughout our lives.

Classes are available online via KidPass (36-class course); or outdoors & masked, for groups of 7 or less (Austin & Cedar Park). Currently the virtual format is preferred. https://kidpass.com/providers/10674/elementally-functional-family-fitness-online

Elementally Intuitive Movement 101 is free, on Ko-fi! Ko-fi.com/ElementallyFun

EIM is intuitive FUNctional movement; that if practiced daily, helps support physical mobility for life–while providing a meditative practice that supports mental wellness, at the same time. EIM for Mobility is a free monthly intro, on KidPass; and EIM to Guide Grandparents is free quarterly offering, guiding kids to teach their grandparents seated EIM.