Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival

Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival

Website: http://www.texaswineandfood.org



 12731 Research Boulevard, Suite 112A, Austin 78759

The Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that increases awareness of Texas wines and food through exposure and education. Founded in 1986, the Festival serves as an educational forum for consumers, producers, restaurateurs, food consultants, writers, teachers and industry personnel. The Festival’s goals are to promote Texas wine and food production and service; to encourage better training, education and scholarships in these fields; and to support Texas wine- and food-related industries. In support of these goals, the Festival showcases wine and food artisans of the Austin area Hill Country in addition to other regions of Texas, the nation and the world. As Texas embraces its culinary heritage, the Festival highlights the creative influences this legacy has had on Texas chefs, wines and food.