Texas Music Partners

Texas Music Partners

Educational - Film & Video - Music - Nonprofit

Website: http://www.texasmusicpartners.org


 P.O.Box 299, Kyle, TX 78640

Texas Music Partners (TMP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) Arts Provider whose mission is to show kids how to combine creativity, technology, and music through education and performance.  Our goal is to help students find a passion in music and the arts alongside technology and have it manifest into interesting careers, avocations, or hobbies related to music, the arts, or just the next generation of music lovers and patrons to make life more rich and rewarding.


Texas Music Partners accomplishes our mission in different ways:

  1. Showing elementary and middle school students a creative approach to combining technology and music, to create projects with smartphones.  Students can use their creativity and technical ability to create fun projects and learn how these projects can turn into careers for the next generation of artists, engineers, software developers, videographers, photographers, producers, etc.


  1. To bring professional musicians into the schools and show students how they work together to create something as exciting as music. Each season will be dedicated to a different style, artist, or theme and introduce the students to the history and evolution of that particular style of music.


  1. TMP also has a group of courses called “Thinking Outside the Box” to help middle school and high school students think positively and keep creativity in the career decision process.


Getting students interested in the arts, combined with technology is a great way to help ensure they stay in school and have a goal. TMP’s mission is to enhance the student’s curiosity and get them interested in choosing a fun, creative future in school, whether it is band, orchestra, choir, theater, math, science, etc.