Cinematic Symphony

Cinematic Symphony

Educational - Film & Video - Free Events - Music - Nonprofit


 3701 W Slaughter Lane, TX, Austin, TX

The Cinematic Symphony is a non-profit community ensemble dedicated to performing the memorable scores of film, television, and video games. Our group was organized to provide education, entertainment, and cultural enrichment, as well as to promote and renew interest in the great music of motion pictures. In addition to performing professional-caliber music, our FREE concerts often include large-screen visuals, costumed characters, and unique educational demonstrations, such as world-renowned theramin player Robert Froehner, who, after performing with us, explained how the theramin creates its peculiar sound. Our concerts have a lot of diversity — people of all ages, cultures, and beliefs love the music of film scores, television, and video games. There’s a bit of nerd in all of us.