Arthritis Foundation, Austin

Arthritis Foundation, Austin

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 13492 Research Blvd, Suite 120-704, Austin, TX 78750

The Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes. We lead the fight for arthritis through life-changing information, resources, access to care, scientific advancements and community connections. Our goal is to help people live life to its fullest. Through personalized information and support, we expertly guide people in developing a customized plan for making every step another victory. Advocates are our most powerful weapon against laws and regulations that create barriers for people living with arthritis. Finding a cure for arthritis is, and always will be, a priority. Science and technology is advancing daily, and the optimism and energy poured into scientific discovery are making progress. With every breakthrough, we are finding ways to improve quality of life. The Arthritis Foundation is boldly leading the fight against juvenile arthritis. We understand families’ unique needs and challenges, and offer focused attention. We’re strongly committed to making sure families have easy access to life-changing resources, community and care. Together, we look forward to saying Yes, from here on out. Yes to doing. Yes to playing. Yes to just being a kid.