7004 Rufus Dr. , Austin, TX 78752 is an Austin based charity that uses the ukulele as a vehicle for teaching children, young adults and families musical literacy, while encouraging the ideals of citizenship, teamwork and cultural exchange through learning and teaching. Our mission is to provide access to instruments and instruction to youth at minimal prices and to offer workshops and performances to the public on a regular and on-going basis. The creation, publication and dissemination of ukulele curriculum and content that reflects the varied cultures, musical traditions and rich heritage of Texas is an on-going project. Expanding the awareness, appreciation and understanding of the ukulele in Austin and beyond is a continuous objective. Donations fund workshops at schools, churches, community centers and provide opportunities for students and families to receive instruments at 0-25% of retail cost. Funding also provides scholarships to Ukulele Summer Camps, private and groups lessons with Kevin Carroll edUKEcator. edUKEcation has established the Austin edUKEcation Ukestra, a multi-generational community orchestra that performs in around Austin to raise donations and spread goodwill and ukulele joy.