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Indie Meme

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 Austin, TX

At IndieMeme, we do limited theatrical on demand distribution for Asian Indie Documentary & Fiction Films and add their content to digital streaming services in the US. We also provide Independent Films made in the US to streaming services in South Asia, starting with India. Indie Meme is a product of passion for cinema, and the compulsive desire to make independent films available in the US for everyone and not just the festival goers. We strive to operate in a simple, fair and transparent manner. The best financial interest of the Filmmaker is our mantra. The evolution of the name is the combination of the Independent Filmmakers we represent & the word ‘meme’ (pronounced ‘meem’ – to rhyme with ‘dream’) is an element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another, electronically as an image/video etc. Let’s create and spread the Memes- the Indie way!