Kabarette with a K!

Kabarette with a K!

Dance - Foundation - Theatre

Website: http://www.erininamarieness.wix.com/KabarettewithaK

 404 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

Kabarette with a K! was established in March of 2013 at Spiderhouse Ballroom in Austin, TX. It was the producers’ intent to host a New York City/Berlin styled cabaret that combined a number of different disciplines into one evening around a theme. In 2014, we are growing-up and changing spaces as well as tweaking our mission statement. It is our intent to provide a showing of the best of Austin and the world’s talent on a local stage. We wish to honor our original intent and showcase multiple artistic disciplines in an evening, while encouraging our artists to create to their best intellectual and artistic depth around a theme. It is also our intent to offer a place for talented artists to receive a fair wage for their beautiful work.