MASS Gallery

MASS Gallery

Film & Video - Foundation - Music - Special Events - Visual Art



 507 Calles St. Suite 108, Austin, TX 78702

MASS was founded in 2006 in a former auto body shop behind the Blue Hanger thrift store on Springdale Road. Through the creative energy of a shifting collection of Austin artists, writers and curators, MASS has presented more than forty exhibitions, events and other indescribable occurrences between 2006 and 2012. MASS serves as a launching pad for local and national artists, a place where big ideas can have their first expression, and a site for the type of art that isn’t on view elsewhere in the city. Recently relocated to an energetic and diverse complex at 507 Calles Street, MASS consists of a 1500-square foot gallery, several large work studios, and a season of film screenings, musical performances, openings, and community outreach activities.