invitation to Performance Art networking group

invitation to Performance Art networking group

 2001 Brentwood, Austin, TX, Unknown

I am looking for Performance Artists to join the Facebook Group Austin Performance Artists Resources. The group is for those of us who engage in all manner of performances that can’t be easily filed under categories of Theater, Dance, Music, Visual Art, Poetry. We use elements from those fields, but what we do goes beyond (or in-between, “Intermedia” in Dick Higgins’ terminology) those.

The goal of the group is to network, collaborate and organize and to create and promote our activities. Everyone is welcome, and, as it should be, the group will evolve along with the members. The images in this listing are a few events I have done over the years; they are not meant to be representative of any limitations of the definition of Performance Art.

Please join and introduce yourself at:

You can ask me anything via email. Performance Art means many different things to different people and the more different voices we have, the stronger we will be.

-Josh Ronsen
in Austin, Texas