Oct 04 - 29 2022
Transformational Yoga Teacher Training India

Transformational Yoga Teacher Training India

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Transformational Yoga is a form of Yoga in which we use innovative yoga techniques for the rapid transformation of the human body. As we see from ancient times to till yoga is constantly transforming to adapt to the needs of the practitioner. It doesn’t me that we lot of the base of yoga new styles are developed by making some variations in the old form or asana. In transformational yoga, you will get to study and practice traditional and modern approaches. This course will help to prepare a new teacher to offer more than one style and adopt the needs of modern aspirants. This course will help you to explore more yoga in a traditional and modern way. This is a 26 days course in which you will learn many new techniques of yoga and this course is for those aspirants who can demonstrate a dedication to their practice and a desire to grow in their training.

Transformational Yoga Teacher Training is a course in which you will get proper training in every asana that is used in transformational yoga, under an expert teacher, and also you will know many more things about this yoga.

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course fee $1399

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2022/10/04 - 2022/10/29

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