Jun 03 - 05 2016


Presented by Julie Nathanielsz/Dance at South Austin Studio

The Meeting Point presents KOZYWORLD, a collaboration between Austin dancer-choreographer Julie Nathanielsz and special guest and Bay Area dance-poet Margit Galanter.

Three performance events are the culmination of a dialogue between Galanter and Nathanielsz that originated in a snowy upstate New York residency. The collaboration extends the work of Galanter and Nathanielsz, who have been engaging processes of experimentation with the nuanced and legible forms that arise in conversation with cloth and flat, flexible sculpture.

Dancing in this context is at once the substance, the common field, and the thread that connects. Acts of covering become occasions of showing, rendering inside-places strikingly visible, fresh and present. Part installation, part dance concert, KOZYWORLD promises to leave a multi-sensorial community imprint.

The intention of the collaboration is to present new directions in dance and visual art, and vitalize the growing dance community in Austin as a whole. The performances and Galanter’s Austin residency represent the ongoing efforts of The Meeting Point to inspire communication and collaboration between Austin and the national and international scene. In this vein, Galanter will offer two workshops, useful for people from “…many fields of practice: dancers, visual artists, poets, performance academics, moms, perceptual scientists, and all interested beings. “


Admission Info

Seating is limited. $15-30 sliding scale. To purchase tickets, visit or Julienathanielsz.com

Phone: (512) 669-6985

Email: nattie.hjn@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2016/06/03 - 2016/06/05

Location Info

South Austin Studio

Travis Heights, Austin, TX 78701