May 03 2016
Real World Music Negotiating: "Mastering the Devil in the Details"

Real World Music Negotiating: "Mastering the Devil in the Details"

Presented by Weget Networking Austin at The Brass House (Ballroom)

Real World Music Negotiating:
Red Flags, Deal Makers & Deal Breakers
“Mastering the devil in the details”

Would you know a good deal if you saw it? Watch as industry professionals negotiate Record label deals, music licensing for films and publishing contracts. Learn how to keep out of legal trouble using co-¬≠writer agreements, serial LLC’s and production contracts. Listen in as our panelists conduct mock negotiations that demonstrate what happens behind closed doors. We will also have a red flag lightening round giving you a list of warning signs. In one evening you will learn how to get what you deserve.

WeGet Networking Austin is an elite group of musical artists and music industry professionals united by a singular mission to help serious musicians “Get To The Next Level.” Our events encourage, educate, inspire, and introduce creative individuals to industry mentors who foster creativity and collaboration. 

Our belief: “Knowledge and wisdom are assets of no value unless we share them with others.” 

We invite you to attend all of our meetings, regardless of where you are in your career, to either help educate or to learn from each other through our content-driven networking.

Our March panel event, “How to Get Your Music Placed in Film and TV,” was a standing-room-only success, with meaty content from our speakers and active networking participation. Attendees told us later that we made it easy for them to meet and talk to the right people. Lots of new biz got started that night.

The April event “Music Festivals: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” was another raging success with two songs winning placement in an Indie Film or TV Series during the “Moment of Truth” segment and tons of insider information about festival booking, promotion and press. 
Our panel events are sponsored by Sustainable Artists (An educational 501(c)(3) Non-Profit) dedicated to educating Artists in an effort to help them obtain balance between their art and income so that they may truly remain Sustainable Artists.

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Dates & Times

2016/05/03 - 2016/05/03

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The Brass House (Ballroom)

115 San Jacinto Blvd @ 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701