Apr 05 - 06 2016
Auditions for Postville

Auditions for Postville

Presented by Last Act Theatre Company at Austin Public Library Pleasant Hill Branch

Dates: April 5-6, 2016

Time: 7-9 p.m., by appointment


April 5:     Austin Public Library Cepeda Branch 651 N. Pleasant Valley Rd.     

April 6:     Austin Public Library Pleasant Hill Branch 211 E. William Cannon Dr.

Last Act Theatre Company is holding auditions for our upcoming production of Postville, by Don Fried. No monologue is necessary; sides will be provided prior to the audition. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please email us at info@lastacttheater.com.  

Plot Summary: Inspired by true events, Postville is the story of what happens when a group of Hasidic Jews purchase a defunct meatpacking plant in a struggling Iowa town with the intent of converting it into a kosher facility. At first, the locals think their problems are over, but an epic culture clash ensues that turns the American melting pot into a pressure cooker that explodes.

The show will run Thurs.-Sun. July 28-August 14, 2016.   


Gabe (white male, 50s-70s) – mayor of Postville and semi-retired feed-store owner, he’s a one man welcoming committee for everyone new to town.

Rhonda (white female, 40s-50s) – owns and runs the local newspaper, which makes her part-gossip, part-hardass.

Ray (white male, 60s+) – a cattle farmer who’ll be working till the day he dies. Crabby personality, takes everything as a personal affront.

Katie (white female, 20s-30s) – a waitress and single mom, who tries hard but doesn’t have much in the way of guts.

Avram (Hasidic Jewish male, open age) – an entrepreneur, a know-it-all, and a smartass.

Moishe (Hasidic Jewish male, open age) – Rabbi, kosher butcher, well-meaning but beholden to tradition

Chanah (Hasidic Jewish female, 30s) – Moishe’s wife, cheery and ambitious, in spite of her conservative heritage. Actor may double as a Postville local, interacting with the audience in character. (Please note any improv experience.)

Jonathan (non-practicing Jewish male, 30s-40s) – a reporter and journalism teacher at a nearby university, tries to appease everyone

Voydan (Ukranian male, 20s-40s) – an immigrant who personifies the entrepreneurial spirit. Actor will double as a Postville local, and will interact with audience in character, so should have strong improv skills.  

Arcadia (Hispanic female, 20s-30s) – an immigrant from Honduras, elated at the opportunity to work 80+ hours a week to make a better life for herself. Actor may double as a Postville local, interacting with audience in character. (Please note any improv experience.)

Admission Info


Phone: 3612329317

Email: info@lastacttheater.com

Dates & Times

2016/04/05 - 2016/04/06

Location Info

Austin Public Library Pleasant Hill Branch

211 E William Cannon , Austin, TX 78745