Jan 22 2016
Feb 05 2016
A Midsummer Night's Dream presented by Sh*t-faced ...

A Midsummer Night's Dream presented by Sh*t-faced ...

Presented by Sh*t-faced Shakespeare & Magnificent Bastards Productions at 29th St. Ballroom at Spider House

Shit-faced Shakespeare is the deeply highbrow fusion of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely shit-faced cast member. Side-splitting, raucous and completely interactive, the show has been running since 2010 and has already entertained over 40,000 eager theatre goers across the UK. Having successfully completed multiple see-out runs of the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals, the show has made its way stateside and has been enjoying a smashingly successful run since April with a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

With a genuinely drunken professional actor selected at random every night, no two shows are ever thes ame and audiences can even dictate when the actor gets to drink more to prevent unwanted sobriety.

Shit-faces Shakespeare seeks to introduce a new generation of theatre-goers to the works of the Bard by reviving the raucous, interactive, and vibrant nature of Elizabethan theatre with a very modern twist- reminding them as we go to always enjoy Shakespeare responsibly. 

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Phone: 512-480-9562

Email: info@driveprc.com

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2016/01/22 - 2016/02/05

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29th St. Ballroom at Spider House