Feb 29 2020
"Writing Beyond What You Know" with Richard Santos...

"Writing Beyond What You Know" with Richard Santos...

Presented by Writers' League of Texas at St. Edwards University

Do the people in your life keep telling you to write a book? Do you want to share your story, or your parent’s or grandparent’s, but don’t know if it should be fiction or nonfiction? Many people want to leave behind a record of their lives, whether that’s a memoir, a story about their ancestors, or a fictional tale rooted in truth. But a compelling life doesn’t magically become a compelling book.

This class will review the common pitfalls of autobiographical writing. How do you know what to include? How do you know what to cut? Why isn’t it enough to tell an interesting story? And what happens once I finish the thing?

This is not quite a class for memoir writers—although it will discuss memoir best practices.  And this isn’t quite a novel writing workshop—although it will look at examples of successful autobiographical novels.

This is a class for writers learning how to shape their own knowledge and experiences into a well-written book. Participants will explore their writing goals, undertake generative writing exercises, and make a plan for their future work.


You’ve heard the phrase “Write what you know” and feel constrained by it.
You’re not sure about the line between memoir and autobiographical fiction.
You want to learn how to use your own personal story as the launch pad for fiction.

Admission Info

$49 for members, $109 for non-members

Phone: 512-499-8914

Email: wlt@writersleague.org

Dates & Times

2020/02/29 - 2020/02/29

Location Info

St. Edwards University

3001 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704