Sep 18 2015
Oct 02 2015
THE INDIGO SHIFT CABARET: A Fête at the End of Da...

THE INDIGO SHIFT CABARET: A Fête at the End of Da...

Presented by The Institution Theater at The Institution Theater

There’s a club at the edge of the world, just past the ruins and right next door to the pillar of fire.  There’s a stage with curtains as blood red as the sea and flickering lights as dim as the dying sun.  The drinks are always cold as an ice storm, strong as the tides, and cheap as the grave.  Welcome to The Indigo Shift Cabaret!  Pull up a chair.  Have a drink.  Come and see…

One night only, because there’s only one night left!  Indigo Shift is an improvised dystopian cabaret, an apocalyptic mix of stories, scenes, and songs to wait out and ring in the end of days, one final show for the last night on Earth!  We invite you to join us for the ultimate performance (literally) as we count down the final gasping breaths of our world with a variety of acts, featuring music, dance, and feats of both physical prowess and mental acuity the likes of which have never been seen!  And perhaps will never be seen again…  

Your hosts for the evening will be the Reverend Solomon Strange and the lovely and vulgar Ms. Anita Deva, as they hold court over a rotating ensemble of guest musicians, of talents both divine and profane!  They have delighted (and most likely damned) audiences for the past four years, both at home and abroad in the frozen wastelands of Alaska, the volcanic temples of Hawaii, and the forbidden maelstrom once known as Seattle!  For this final knell of the bell, they have assembled a cavalcade of special guests and old friends including Austin improv luminaries Confidence Men and The Knuckleball Now!

September 18th: 
Music from Tosin Awofeso, Sarah Marie Curry & Cindy Ward 
Improvised Mamet from Confidence Men 
Burlesque from Ginger Snaps 
Special guest appearance of Adriane Shown as Gentress Helena Black

September 26th: 
Music from Tosin Awofeso, Craig Kotfas, Lindsey McGowen & Cindy Ward 
Improv from The Knuckelball Now 
Contortionist Cory Allen 
Special guest appearance of Marc Majcher as Jean Paul

October 2nd: 
Music from Tosin Awofeso, Sarah Marie Curry, Lindsey McGowen & Cindy Ward 
Improv from The Escorts 
Burlesque from Ginger Snaps 
An operatic performance from Emily Breedlove 
Special guest appearance of Brently Heilbron as Milo from Fragile Rock

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Phone: 512.895.9580


Dates & Times

2015/09/18 - 2015/10/02

Additional time info:

Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.

Location Info

The Institution Theater

3708 Woodbury Drive, Austin, Texas 78704