Aug 31 2019
Superfónicos//Africa night at Sahara Lounge

Superfónicos//Africa night at Sahara Lounge

Presented by The Sahara Lounge at The Sahara Lounge

The music dialogue between Africa and America has been happening for 400 years. When africans were brought to the Americas, they brought all their music and culture with them. Then when slavery was over, they found a way to recreate their music, a new music, with influences from Europe and Native America.

When the recorded music started and Africans and Afroamerican on both shores of the Atlantic started making records, an amazing back and forth of music started happening; Africanamericans opened their souls to the africans in Africa and vise versa, closing the circle and  reaffirming the sense of oneness. This event is  celebration of this journey.

Admission Info

Tickets at the door. $10.

Phone: 512 712 3696

Dates & Times

2019/08/31 - 2019/08/31

Location Info

The Sahara Lounge

1413 Webberville Road, Austin, Texas 78721