Sep 05 - 08 2019
Interference Fest- Women Making Noise 2019

Interference Fest- Women Making Noise 2019

Presented by Antumbrae Intermedia Events at The North Door

Amber cushion softly evident seagull commentary, we shall prevail. Tirelessly pedaling along the ever present source of ideas. Long, drawn-out suffering is not what we’re after. Studying aspects of artistic imagination, the kinds of attention…Conscious and unconscious scanning of perceptual stress and oscillation.” — Anne Tardos

This festival is a gathering of support and appreciation for those regardless of gender, race, culture, class, skin color, age or disability. We welcome and create a safe, open and non- exclusionary environment (in no particular order) for those who identify as: WOMEN, WOMXN, WOMYN, GENDERQUEER, NON-BINARY, CIS- GENDER, TRANSGENDER, GENDER FLUID, PANSEXUAL, ASEXUAL, all LGBTQIA artists and makers to openly express their creative practices and artistic ideas with a focus on the exploration of LISTENING, SOUND and SONIC experimentation.

This festival most importantly, takes place at a moment where a sense of community, care and support for one another are essential. The performances feature meditations on sound through the medium of poetry, performance art, dance, film made by women across TX and beyond. Performances will take place on both, Saturday September 7th (in the afternoon) and Sunday September 8th (in the evening) at The North Door in Austin, TX. An introduction to the festival will be taking place at Museum of Human Achievement on Thursday September 5th 2019.

Admission Info

Interference Fest- Women Making Noise 2019

2 days of performances at The North Door in Austin, TX

Featuring performers:
Michele Mercure- electronics
Chaitali Sen- poetry
Megan Easely- water. percussion
Christie Blizard- performance art
Christina Carter + Julia Hungerford- vox, percussion
Lauren Tietz- dance, movement
Claire Rousay- percussion
Andrea Calderon- strings
+ MORE….
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A percentage of proceeds from Interference Fest 2019 merchandise will go to charity. Design by Andrea Calderon.

Thursday September 5th (EVENING)
@Museum of Human Achievement from 8pm-10pm
WELCOME/GATHERING $5/$8 sliding scale on door only


Saturday September 7th (AFTERNOON)
@North Door from 2pm-5pm
PERFORMANCES $15 online/$20 on door
LINE-UP ****

Andrea Calderon
‪Chaitali Sen
‪Megan Easely
‪Christie Blizard

Sunday September 8th (EVENING)
@ North Door from 5pm-10pm

PERFORMANCES $15 online/$20 on door
LINE-UP  ****

Lauren Tietz
Claire Rousay
Christina Carter + Julia Hungerford
Michele Mercure

“This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.”


Phone: (512) 710-9765


Dates & Times

2019/09/05 - 2019/09/08

Location Info

The North Door

502 Brushy Street, Austin, TX 78702