Jul 27 2019
Metamorphosis at the Museum: A theatrical adventur...

Metamorphosis at the Museum: A theatrical adventur...

Presented by Thinkery and ZACH Theatre at Thinkery

Join Thinkery for a special family-friendly performance with ZACH Theatre that uses Thinkery as its stage!
In this fun and interactive show, families journey through Thinkery alongside a very nervous Caterpillar, who is having some trouble along his journey; guests experience favorite exhibits through live interactions with a fun and exciting cast of characters like Chef the Hare, Mole the artist, Beaver the plumber, Dr. Adventurous the Inventor, and an aviator Penguin. Each character offers special instructions that help guide you and Caterpillar throughout your journey around Thinkery.
This is not a traditional theatre performance. Kiddos and their families will see the story unfold as they make their way through the museum In small groups, interacting with each other and professional actors. Through exploration and team work, families will engage with the story as it unfolds around them. This performance brings the best of ZACH and Thinkery together in a fun new way that you don’t want to miss!
“Metamorphosis at the Museum: A theatrical adventure at Thinkery” is recommended for ages 4 to 8.
Admission Info

Member Child: $11

Member Adult $13

Standard Child $13

Standard Adult $15

Phone: 5124696200

Email: info@thinkeryaustin.org

Dates & Times

2019/07/27 - 2019/07/27

Location Info


Meredith Learning Lab , Austin, TX 78723