Sep 17 - 26 2015
She Was Born

She Was Born

Presented by Rude Mechs at The Off Center

Rude Mechs and Nat & Veronica proudly present:

an original play
created by Nat & Veronica
a Rude Fusion project

“Enchanting, then alarming, ultimately heartbreaking… the definition of unmissable.” – NOLA Defender 2014

There are very few creatures capable of Parthenogenesis.

In this rare and extraordinary form of asexual reproduction, mothers procreate without a sexual partner and give birth to exact genetic copies of themselves. This means that in an undisturbed environment, the life cycle of such an organism has the potential to become an infinite loop, repeating itself over and over for eternity. This is either a form of immortality or utter absurdity. Or both.
Meet SHE. SHE is a bug. SHE is alone. SHE is a parthenogenetically reproducing invertebrate. And SHE wants to know why she is here.  
In Nat & Veronica’s She Was Born a group of only twenty audience members is invited into a giant paper pod to bear witness to the full life-cycle of this imaginary extraterrestrial insect. She Was Born explores motherhood, mortality and the idea that, biologically speaking, reproduction is the sole purpose of existence. It’s a story both completely alien and strangely familiar; after all, everything that ever lived was born.

Nat & Veronica are a creative team dedicated to the creation of provocative and viscerally rich performance work with a strong focus on audience experience. Driven by a desire to find new and powerful potential in live performance their work combines visual spectacle, presence based performance and subtle humor to explore the problem of how to live. They have presented work at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Center New Orleans and Mount Tremper Arts and were artists in residence at LiveArts Bard. Currently, they split their time between New Orleans and New York’s Hudson Valley. For more information, visit

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Phone: 512-476-7833


Dates & Times

2015/09/17 - 2015/09/26

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The Off Center

2211 Hidalgo Street, Austin, TX 78702