Sep 01 2015
Music Workshop #2 From Creativity to Commerce: Art...

Music Workshop #2 From Creativity to Commerce: Art...

Presented by City of Austin Small Business Development Program at Palmer Events Center

There are plenty of resources and tools available for independent musicians. The trouble sometimes is finding the right ones to get the most bang for your buck without driving yourself crazy having to learn every new thing. Instead of picking and choosing individual services from a lot of different companies, it can be cheaper and more efficient to find a few that can do everything you need. This workshop will present existing revenue streams from Dave Kusek‚Äôs New Artist Model and discuss their challenges and potential. We will also identify and develop new opportunities that we uncover in our growth hacking session. 

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2015/09/01 - 2015/09/01

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Palmer Events Center

900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704