Sep 19 2015
Door No. 4 Presents: An Immersive Cinema Experienc...

Door No. 4 Presents: An Immersive Cinema Experienc...

at Star Hill Ranch

Townspeople of Austin

If there is one thing an outlaw can’t resist, it’s a hootenanny.

We’re fixin’ to lure these no-good bandits into a trap by holding the biggest shindig this county has ever seen, and y’all are invited. On the 19th of September, we’ll gather in town to eat, drink, dance, and have us a hog-killin’ time. The saloon will be open for business, beer and whiskey will flow, tasty grub will be served, two-stepping music will be played, cards will be dealt, chips will be won, Madame Porter and her ladies will keep us company, and at the end of it all, we even have one of those newfangled movin’ pictures to show ya. So put on your Sunday best, grab your dancin’ boots, and leave the young’uns at home cause we intend to raise some hell.
Sherriff Nelson

Admission Info

$35 Early Bird
$45 Regular
$55 High West VIP
Add $10 to any ticket for roundtrip bus transportation from downtown Austin.

Phone: 9082099939


Dates & Times

2015/09/19 - 2015/09/19

Location Info

Star Hill Ranch

15000 Hamilton Pool Road, Austin, TX 78738

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