Feb 20 2019
Leave It At The Mic

Leave It At The Mic

Presented by Lucky Chaos Productions at Motion Media Arts

We welcome anyone that struggles with mental health issues, as well as friends and allies to attend and/or perform. The format is open to stand up, poetry, singing, dancing, improv, storytelling, as well as other performance genres.

LITM is the opportunity to ‘leave it at the mic.’ There are pens and post-its available for attendees to write something they want to be rid of. It could be a self-doubt. A misconception about yourself. At the end of the open mic, we collect those (unread) post-its and we destroy them along with those misbeliefs and free ourselves from the things that hold us back. This is entirely voluntary.

As part of the Lucky Chaos Mental Health initiative, we maintain a Lucky Chaos Mental Health Bill of Rights. We welcome your additions to the Bill of Rights. At every LITM event, we will have a giant post-it board that anyone is welcome to add what they feel we should have in our Mental Health Bill of Rights. We offer smaller post its that you can write on and then stick to giant post it.

Admission Info

Suggested donation $5.00

Phone: 512-956-7212

Email: Info@LuckyChaos.com

Dates & Times

2019/02/20 - 2019/02/20

Location Info

Motion Media Arts

2200 Tillery, Austin, TX 78722

Accessibility Info

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