Feb 09 2019
China Ceramic Master, Guo Aihe | Solo Exhibition: ...

China Ceramic Master, Guo Aihe | Solo Exhibition: ...

Presented by Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery at Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition in the United States of the Chinese ceramic art master Guo Aihe (郭爱和). The exhibition features more than seventy Sancai glazed paintings and sculptures throughout Guo’s career including works previously on show at Carrousel du Louvre, France, Corfu Museum of Asian Art, Greece, and National Art Museum of China. The 2/9 open reception celebrates the Lunar new year with Asian gourmet bites, live music, and a special auction benefiting education for Cambodian children with Caring for Cambodia.

About the artist:

Guo Aihe was born in Luoyang, China, a city with more than five thousand years of history, and the birthplace for Sancai. Guo’s Sancai Art has been exhibited in museums and institutions internationally. Guo also earned renown for his public commissions, such as theme mural in Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in East Asia, and the 4,000 square foot mural in Luoyang Normal University Library. Guo has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his academic contributions and artistic achievements. Notably, Guo received the “Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts” from UNESCO; “Gold Award” from the International Academy of Ceramics and World Crafts Council. Guo has honored the title of “Chinese Ceramic Art Master” by China Ceramic Industry Association and currently serves as the director of Luoyang Sancai Art Museum.

2000 FAHRENHEIT refers to the firing temperature for Guo’s ceramic paintings. Sancai Glazed Paintings from Guo Aihe offers an opportunity to experience both Guo’s award-winning works such as Terraces, Blooming Pony, and Chinese, as well as his latest “free-style” Sancai. Guo’s Sancai art is the tangible display of Chinese philosophy, contains all five fundamental elements: earth, water, wood, metal, and fire. Focusing on sharing and promoting this revitalized traditional art, the U.S debut also includes a detailed introduction on Guo’s Sancai glaze on ceramic tile with extensive documentaries and stories behind the scene.

About Sancai:

First developed in Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China, Sanai, or “three colors”, is a decoration technique on ceramics using multiple glazes, predominately in the three colors of amber, green and ivory white. A Sancai-glazed horse set the highest auction record for Chinese ceramics with $6,133,600 at Sotheby’s London in 1989. Fascinated by the beauty of Sancai, Guo Aihe devoted himself to revitalize this ancient art form. For the past 30 years, Guo developed more than 500 new Sancai glazes that cover the whole spectrum. Seeking breakthrough in traditional Sancai figures and utilitarian objects, Guo brought Sancai into the two-dimensional world with ceramic tile as canvas and Sancai glaze as paint.


Admission Info

Email: art@guoaihe.com

Dates & Times

2019/02/09 - 2019/02/09

Additional time info:

Exhibition Dates: February 09 – February 28, 2019

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Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

1137 West 6th Street, Austin, TX 78703