Feb 22 - 25 2018
No Idea Festival 2018

No Idea Festival 2018

Presented by No Idea Festival at Multiple Locations

No Idea Festival 2018
February 22-25, 2018
All info on festival artists and venues: noideafestival.com

The 15th annual No Idea Festival brings together a selection of artists whose work and participation in the festival has played a role in our development. These artists will be joined by musicians from around the world performing in the festival for the first time.

Audience witness the full spectrum of an artist’s work as they move through new, festival-curated first-time meetings, to emerging groups, to their most established working ensembles.

Line up
Thomas Lehn → analog synthesizer (vienna)
Marcus Schmickler → laptop (cologne)
Judith Hamann → cello (melbourne)
Bonnie Jones → electronics (baltimore)
Tetuzi Akiyama → guitar (tokyo)
Greg Saunier → drumset (baltimore)
Akira Sakata → alto saxophone, clarinet, voice (tokyo)
Marshall Trammell → drumset (kansas city)
Bhob Rainey → soprano saxophone, laptop (philadelphia)
Birgit Ulher → trumpet, radio, objects (hamburg)
Juanjosé Rivas → electronics (mexico city)
Juan García → double bass (mexico city)
– – → percussion, electronics, text (vancouver)
Sean O’Neill → electronics, light (austin)
Damon Smith → double bass (boston)
Liz Tonne → voice (dallas)
Chris Cogburn → percussion, electronics (austin / mexico city)
Raquel Bell → voice, organ (austin)
Parham Daghighi → guitar (austin)
Stefan Gonzalez → drum set (dallas)

Admission Info

Ticket prices vary:
Evening concerts: $15-$20 sliding scale
Saturday Afternoon Concert: $5-$10 sliding scale
Sunday Afternoon Site-Specific Performance: FREE

Festival Pass: http://bit.ly/NoIdeaFestivalPass
Single tickets: http://bit.ly/NoIdea2018
All info: noideafestival.com

Phone: 512-767-9825

Email: noideafestival@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2018/02/22 - 2018/02/25

Additional time info:

See website for full schedule including venues and start times: noideafestival.com

Location Info

Multiple Locations

Austin, TX 78702