The Fancy Pants Mash Up

The Fancy Pants Mash Up

Presented by The Hideout Theatre at The Hideout Theatre

Sometimes the owners of the Hideout go on fancy trips. And sometimes, while on these fancy trips, they find something so delightful that they can’t help but bring it back to share with Austin. This is one of those times.

Lovingly borrowed (i.e., egregiously stolen) from PROJECTproject in good ole Toronto, Canada, The Fancy-Pants Mashup is a delight for both the audience and the improvisers participating in it.

20 improvisers are assigned a secret number between 1 and 10 before the show. As the show progresses, each time a number is called, the 2 improvisers with that number go onto the stage and perform together, having no idea who they will be paired with before they greet each other onstage. The lights go down, and BAM! COMEDY!

It’s like blind dating, except replace the dating part with comedy.

AND everyone is dressed fancy. This, we’re assured, is the key to the whole thing.

Travel ain’t cheap. Come see the booty that we’ve plundered from our unsuspecting friends up north.

NOTE: Fancy attire is not required for audience members…but it is highly encouraged!

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Dates & Times

2014/06/06 - 2020/05/01

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The Hideout Theatre

617 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701