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Our mission is to provide a professional learning atmosphere to the student who wants to learn in a “real world” atmosphere complete with machines, cutting tables, and experienced instructors who are up on current trends and skills. Our classes are open to the public; there is no need for admission tests. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate all schedules.

When we opened the school, the plan was to offer advanced fashion design classes to those students who already had a background in fashion design and just needed a place to work with cutting tables, sewing machines, ironing boards, and a place to spread out, gather with other designers and share information. That idea lasted about two weeks. From the day we opened the space, we had students showing up to learn how to sew.

I hadn’t realized the impact of Project Runway, the premier fashion design competition reality show, nor did I realize the vast expanse of age groups who wanted to learn how to make clothing. Today, most girls and women, from the ages of 8-50, have never learned any of the home making skills or taken the home economics courses that were fundamental courses until the 1960′s when we all threw our bras and our sewing machines out the window.

Although the school was not initially prepared to teach Beginning Sewing, we quickly realized that this decade was fast becoming all about learning to sew, cook, build and entertain.

Most of the designers who were working on their collections at the studio had such advanced skills in design that they were the perfect ones to teach the classes. We started with fundamental classes: Beginning Sewing, Intermediate and Advanced Sewing, Fashion Illustration, Flat Pattern and Draping.

Now we have expanded to specialized classes in Creating, Marketing and Manufacturing Your Collection, All About Knits, Sewing from a Store Bought Pattern, Intro to Fashion Illustration with Photoshop, All About Pants, Three Stages of Garment Creation, and many others.

We also hold a CHILDREN’S SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM. In the past two summers, we have registered almost 500 students each summer. It is amazing to watch 9-15 year olds learn to sew, and after only one week, walk out of the school wearing their garments. The same is true for the Illustration class. Kids are incredibly fast learners, with their skills advanced triple-fold every day. If you are interested in registering your child for Summer Camp, check our schedule by the end of February. The classes close very fast, and if your schedule is not flexible , register early.

PLEASE READ: Our school is not a college or university, and we do not provide degrees, school credits, or grades.
Students do not need to pass an admission test to take classes. It is not part of the Austin School District or any state owned school. Therefore, there are no financial aid programs, and we are not affiliated with any government assistance programs.
All students are accepted. TUITION BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN ORDER TO PROCESS YOUR REGISTRATION. We cannot reserve a space unless the registration is complete.

Since our classes and schedule change regularly, all information on the school is posted online. We do not send out catalogs or brochures. If you have questions, please contact us:



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2012/01/31 - 2037/01/01

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