Alex Weiss & Different Drum

Alex Weiss & Different Drum

Alex Weiss & Different Drum is a versatile Afro/Latin ensemble that plays world music, specializing in South African township, Andean melodies, Brazilian sambas, salsa, calypso and cumbia. Typically, Different Drum devotes equal time during their performances to jazz, eclectic music and original songs.

The band is led by Alex Weiss who developed a love for and understanding of world music during his travels across the U.S. and Mexico, through Europe and the Middle East, to North Africa and Central America. A composer, multi-instrumentalist and director for Different Drum, Alex plays the congas, alto recorder, coronet, flugelhorn and other instruments. He is accompanied on the congas by his Wife Li-Lan who also plays other percussion instruments. The duo often plays in festivals, libraries and cafes.

The group can be expanded to include addtional instruments as required: Bass, Tenor Saxophone, Drums, Alto Saxophone, and other instruments.