The Music Bus ROCKS!

The Music Bus ROCKS!

The mobile music classroom that comes to you!

With funding in the arts being continuously cut from school programs we are losing touch with the benefits music has on our lives. That is why we are creating a mobile environment where the arts can flourish right outside your door. With raising gas prices everyone is taking a hit in their wallets, we save you fuel and time by coming to you!

The Music Bus ROCKS! is a fully interactive …music technology classroom that will provide a hands-on learning environment for each and every student. It is even an Internet hot spot! Students will be able to take advantage of on board computers and music technology software as well as a full upright piano and acoustic drum set.

We have a high regard for our teacher staff and know that their competency will play a huge part in the success of students and the business. Starting out the primary teachers will be the owners and we will be the foundation for making our vision come true! As we grow so will our team. There will be teaching standards making our staff highly skilled in music theory, technique, pedagogy, and performance.