diyYOUTH Art  Program

diyYOUTH Art Program

The do it yourself (diy) YOUTH Art Program builds academic skills while exploring students’ own self-expression and creativity. Local artists teach and mentor students while guiding them in the production and promotion of their art. Program staff and students work hand in hand to identify the artistic mediums and techniques to be studied each semester. A youth development approach ensures shared control and responsibility for the program while keeping the learning fresh and relevant to participants. The diyYOUTH Art Program purposefully includes practical, how-to information about the "entrepreneurial" side of art such as organizing art events, creating logos and identifying art venues to sell their work. In addition, all revenue from art sales goes directly to each student artist.

The program provides students an opportunity to explore their own talents and creativity, meet local artists, learn about career options, and connect with the local arts and business community.


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