Austin Film Kids

Austin Film Kids

Film Kids uses active, student-driven film production to encourage young people’s confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills.

A bit about Austin Film Kids Creator: Brian Cox began teaching Video Production at Lanier High School in 2002 after five years of teaching, and also worked during this time with several non-profit groups, including Badgerdog Creative Writing and The Violet Crown Community Theater. He enjoyed the pure motivation that comes from an after-school environment, and the critical self assessment and confidence that comes from challenging oneself to do good work without grades. Recently, his seven and ten-year-old children have become filmmakers, and it was this joy and creativity that made Brian realize film can be taught to any age, and that he and Film Kids can harness the creativity and energy of elementary and middle-school students to make art with video cameras.


  1503 Beckett Street, Austin, TX 78757