Aileen Adler

Aileen Adler

   4501 frankln park dr, Austin, TX

Living in Austin for 25+ years (via Philadelphia), Aileen Adler has developed deep roots in the local performance and creative community. Being a multidisciplinarian has led her on many creative adventures and experiences. From music to metalwork, seeing creativity without limitations.

Aileen Adler has been playing and performing the Theremin, the world’s first electronic instrument, for over 20 years. Invented in 1920 by Russian physicist Lev Sergeyevich Termen (or Leon Theremin), the Theremin produces many tones and dynamics, from the vocal effects of a singer to the sounds of a violin. Because the Theremin performer manipulates electromagnetic fields to create sound, never touching the instrument, performance is as fascinating for live audiences to watch as to hear.

Trained as a violinist and as a vocalist, Adler strives to present the Theremin as a diverse and viable musical instrument, adapting its “other worldly” sound to many styles of music including classical, jazz, progressive rock, experimental, world music, and beyond. With her current band, Temple of Ape Collective, she spans limitless genres, with a touch of psychedelia. She has delighted audiences with her magical musical experimental voyages, from performing with the Austin Cinematic Symphony to performing at festivals and lecturing on the technology and history of the Theremin.