Lacey Richter

Lacey Richter

Dancer - Mixed Media - Multi-Arts - Musician - Painting - Performance Art - Performing Arts - Sculpture - Visual Arts - poet*

   Austin, TX

Lacey Richter is drawn to movement, her work is influenced by internal energies, emotive intuition paired with raw finesse that in essence is an exploration and reflection of herself. Most recently, she has been creating experimental performance videos showcasing herself dancing in sacred and raw spaces, including church sanctuaries, construction sites, and horse stables. Additionally she is expressing herself through writing, & singing/performing music. She is honored to have two original tracks included in the audio archive of Texas artist Terry Allen’s permanent sculpture ROAD Angel commissioned by The Contemporary Austin at Laguna Gloria.

Her robust mixed-media paintings, installations, & video/performances have been featured in Mexico, Berlin, France, New York, Chicago, as well as numerous collaborative-based, and solo, shows throughout her home city & creative community of Austin – (The Contemporary Museum/ Laguna Gloria, City Hall, the Airport, EAST&WEST Studio Tours, FUSEBOX FESTIVAL, TEST TUBE, The Museum of Human Achievement, SERIE Project, Seton Cove Spirituality Center, the Julia C. Butridge Gallery, ImagineArt, & Co-Lab.)

Richter’s work belongs to several private collections, famous musicians included, and she works with various demographics within Austin, including immigrants, mentally ill, youth, and families through spiritual, cultural, and artistic workshops. Richter serves as Exhibit Coordinator at IMAGINE ART, a local non-profit arts organization working to engage artists with disabilities and provide creative opportunity and growth.