Michael Mendoza

Michael Mendoza

Film - Graphic Arts - Media - Mixed Media - Multi-Arts - Murals - New Media/Technology - Performing Arts - Photography - Spoken Word - Storyteller - Visual Arts - Augmented Reality, Digital Installations


Website: http://augzoo.com/


   Austin, TX

I work with curators to help share historical content through the new medium of location-based augmented reality.

“Voces in AR” features WWII Mexican American Veteran content from the University of Texas’ Voces Oral History Project. Additionally, I’m working on a project featuring Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and building a relationship with the Quanah Parker family as I collect their historical content in digital form.

I’ve been a featured speaker for social media groups, public groups and I regularly reported breaking news as a lead reporter at KUT, KVUE and KRGV-TV.  The McCombs Business School has invited me to guest lecture multiple times on the use of geo-rich social media data for intelligence and real-time engagement efforts.