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A Night of Burlesque at The Emerald Stiletto: An Immersive Theatre Casino

Presented by Sapien Center at Sapien Center, Austin TX

Sep 30 2023
A Night of Burlesque at The Emerald Stiletto: An Immersive Theatre Casino

Photo Credit: Alan Michnoff

Play, peruse, and inhabit our interactive set: a theatrical casino complete with Funny Money Cashier’s Cage, Card Tables, Photo Booth, Face Paint Station, and Mysteries only the audience can solve!

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery, romance, and melodrama, as you join us for An Evening of Burlesque at The Emerald Stiletto. Games and dames, delights and deceits, dancers and spies! A night of glimmering spectacle and dastardly intrigue unfolding before your eyes!

Dress up! Black, White, and Fabulous. Dress like you swim in a pool filled with gold coins. Dress like you’re childhood friends with the Crown Prince of Luxembourg. Dress like you’re a cartoon oligarch with a monopoly on ... view more »


Ensnare yourself in the ephemeral amenities of our pop-up Casino of play and pretend!*

Cocktail and Mocktail Craft and Service artfully provided by Chapter Social + Spirits. Tempting tipples, playful potables, and adaptogenic mocktails from artisanal alchemists.

Floor of Fun complete with Blackjack, Texas Holdem Poker, Roulette tables, nimble-fingered Dealers provided by Texas Poker Supply, and Emerald Stiletto exclusives.

The Big Show: Two shining moments of spotlit performances at 9 and 10 of burlesque, aerial, and dance. Astonishing acts of aerial acrobatics and glimmering glimpses of the sublime. Featuring Austin’s own Rebel RaspberryOoh La LaWyatt Diamond, and Bubblegum Spaceslut with Tricia Ayllon all the way from New Orleans!
An Evening of Intrigue: Puissant performances by practiced players as The Emeraldos weave mystery, subterfuge, and flimflammery throughout the night.
Games of Fortune and Folly: Larger than life games inspired by casinos, carnivals, and cartoons. Playful personas to pique your curiosity and captivate your attention.
Shufflesuit Photoshoot: Professional photography in a dazzling casino set… a booth of memorable moments captured by camera.
Duchess Luvfliss’ Instant Salon: Embrace exquisite embellishments with stunning temporary tattoos and face jewels from the Emerald Stiletto’s Matriarch, who lost a bet to the make-up lady and has to cover her shift.

A Wide World in a Narrow Moment: A thousand plans and scarcely any time at all! Timeliness is highly encouraged, as there’s much to see and do!
The Floor of the Emerald Stiletto opens at 7:30 for entertainment and amusements.
A delightful pre-show beginning at 8:30 will lead right into our unforgettable Evening of Burlesque.

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Sapien Center

2316 Morelos St., Austin, TX 78702

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